Timpson kiosks maximise retail floorspace for minimal investment.


Timpson Ltd wanted to expand its business by opening up new concessions and stand-alone retail kiosks located in supermarket carparks. The units would house extremely heavy shoe repair and key cutting equipment. Minimal disruption to the 24 hour shopping sites was fundamental to the success of this project.


LGSF was approached by a modular manufacturer to provide pre-panelised framework for the kiosks. LGSF produces both hot and cold rolled steel structures so the rigid flooring was produced in hot rolled steel to take the loading weight of the equipment, whilst the walls and ceiling panels were produced by cold roll process, offering excellent strength from lighter weight steel. The modular manufacturer then fully fitted the units before transporting them to the supermarket carparks.


By using a combination of both hot and cold rolled steel panels the units could be produced with the overall structural strength needed to support the shop’s equipment whilst keeping overall weight, important for transportation, to a minimum.

  • Manufacturing the units off-site created as little disruption for the supermarket as possible
  • Fully fitted kiosks were placed in a supermarket carpark in less than 4 hours.