Infill panels customise concrete structure at University South Wales.


To provide studio accommodation for students studying at University of South Wales, Cardiff. The main structure on Adam Street was built from concrete which although strong and durable, does not provide flexibility for external features such as window placement.


LGSF was approached by the building contractor to produce infill panels to be inserted into the concrete frame. The extremely flexible nature of these CNC produced panels means that they can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, therefore allowing preformed, fixed structures to be customised.

Infill panels were designed and built at LGSF and then transported to site in Cardiff where they were then added to the building.


The preformed concrete structure was customised with assorted windows, enhancing the living accommodation and communal areas and making the building more functional whilst also improving its appearance.


  • Infill panels provide variability to fixed concrete structures
  • Rapid CNC production of infill panels
  • Flexible shapes and sizes
  • Easily transported to site