Modern living accommodation for returning military personnel.


Beacon Barracks in Stafford was preparing to receive troops returning from abroad and needed to provide housing for 400 soldiers. LGSF was approached by the modular builder assigned to the project and asked to produce panelised modules to meet a demanding production schedule which would ultimately result in the construction of several 3-storey blocks containing 72 bedrooms and communal areas.


LGSF produced the pre-panelised frames to an exacting design and schedule. Consistent product quality enhanced the buildability of the product, ensuring the modular contractor could meet the non-negotiable deadlines.

Robust quality procedures and service delivery were also key to the success of the construction programme which resulted in 20 bedrooms being produced every week until completion.


  • 20 bedrooms were produced each week - 432 bedrooms and 270 modular bays
  • Quality and accuracy of the pre-panelised frames ensured the critical path was met
  • Modern living accommodation was provided for returning military personnel
  • Working in partnership with modular builder to produce high volume, high quality single living accommodation as part of the wider SLAM project (single living accommodation modernisation)