1145 bedrooms for students at RAF Defence College of Technical Training.


To provide accommodation for students at RAF’s Defence College of Technical Training at Lyneham, Wiltshire. This site had previously been an RAF base but was to be transformed into a military college and accommodation was required for the students. This was a time sensitive project.


These 12 three/four storey buildings, comprising of 1145 bedrooms plus communal areas and entrance foyers were constructed from 1196 modules.

LGSF supplied self-assembled panels in packs to the modular builder for construction and fitting. Reliable, consistent supply of accurate components was crucial to ensure the modular builder could meet the tight timeframes dictated by the project.

The bedrooms were specified to an equivalent standard of a three-star hotel, and were fitted with wardrobe, desk, lighting and power fittings, and ensuite shower room and curtain before arriving on site.

High levels of safety, productivity and quality were attained throughout the project which was completed in 11 months.


  • Reliable supply of accurate self-assembled panels to the modular builder ensured continual production of units to meet the tight timeframe
  • Lean manufacturing methodologies enabled the manufacture of 16 modules per day to meet the required programme - the equivalent to 10 Travel Lodge bedrooms
  • Project completed in 11 months.