Gainsborough Travelodge benefits from cold rolled light gauge steel construction.


The building contractor required steel panels to be produced for a new build Travelodge in the town centre of Gainsborough. The panelised build had a ground floor commercial area, supporting 4 storey bedroom accommodation.


This was a traditional panelised building project. The cold roll formed light gauge steel framing panels were ideal for this building, providing the strength to support the four upper levels of the hotel but without adding load weight to the overall construction.

LGSF produced panels which were supplied and erected onsite in Gainsborough. The walls were then plaster boarded and clad in brick to ensure the building was in keeping with its town centre location and surroundings.


  • Light weight panels were easily and economically transported to site
  • The structural integrity of LGSF panels ensured that the building could be erected quickly, with minimal time on site
  • The versatility of this modern construction method accommodates external finishes to ensure the finished building met planning requirement.