UCL's modular roof top development increases student rental accommodation.


University College London (UCL) is one of the world’s leading multi-disciplinary universities with over 39,000 students from around the world. Based in London, where land is at a premium and property prices rank as some of the highest in the world, makes finding accommodation for students both difficult and expensive. UCL wanted to invest in good quality accommodation for more students in central London.


A two-storey extension, including 55 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and communal living space was designed and added to existing student accommodation at John Dodgson House, located opposite St Pancras station in central London.

LGSF supplied modular panel packs to the modular builder contracted to the project, who then completely fitted out (plasterboard, wiring, plumbing etc.) the modules before transporting them to site. Factory assembly reduced the risks of working at height and also reduced construction time on site and the additional expense this would have incurred working in London.

Precise timing was crucial to the success of the project. The cost of hiring expensive lifting equipment to complete the construction stage, along with arranging access to the difficult site location in central London meant slippage to the production programme was unacceptable.

Excellent communication between all the partners on the project ensured that the site programme could be completed within 12 weeks.


  • UCL increased its student rental accommodation for minimal investment
  • 55 bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and shared living spaces were added to their accommodation portfolio attracting greater rental income for the college
  • Minimal onsite time reduced costs and risks. All modules were completely fitted out before being added to the building
  • Safety benefits – light gauge steel framing systems do not contribute to the fire loading of the structure
  • Completed within 12 weeks